Welcome to the Ranf lab!

Who we are

Welcome to the Ranf Lab at the Department of Biology, University of Fribourg, renowned for its research in plant-bacteria interactions!

Our team, led by Stefanie Ranf, Full Professor of Plant Sciences, delves into the molecular intricacies of the dynamic relationship between plants and their bacterial counterparts.

Our research is at the cutting edge of understanding the dual aspects of plant-microbe interactions. We meticulously investigate both sides of this complex equation: the sophisticated immune responses of plants and the ingenious adaptation strategies of bacteria within their plant hosts. By illuminating the nuances of this intricate relationship, we aim to provide comprehensive insights into the delicate balance of plant defense and microbial survival strategies.

Join our team!

Are you passionate about plant science and microbial biology? We invite you to become part of our exciting journey at the University of Fribourg! We are actively seeking talented PhD and PostDoc candidates to join our diverse and dynamic team. For more information on current openings, please see our PDF.

Our research aim

Our mission at the Ranf Lab is to contribute to sustainable agriculture through innovative research. We focus on deciphering the complex interactions between plants and microbes. By combining approaches from molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics, we aim to understand how plants sense microbial colonization and trigger immune responses, and how these interactions influence the bacterial adaptation and persistence in the plant host environment.


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